Helpdesk IT

Our opening hours are 08:30 - 15:00

Press Helpdesk IT to create new ticket to IT!

We try to make sure that all questions concerning support are answered within three hours, within the opening hours.

It-support – What we can help you with :
· Mail, calendar and schemas (webmail and Notes)
· Print on our printers.
· The wireless network.
· Access to your documents on the fileserveres.
· A/V in the classrooms and auditoriums.
· Computers in the IT labs.
· Computers delivered by the IT department.
· Telephony.
· Video konference, education and meatings.
Our focus is on solving the "here and now" problems.

Helpdesk Intern Service

Our opening hours are 09:00 - 14.00

Press Helpdesk building to create new ticket to building facilities!

We try to reply all tickets as soon as possible, within 24 hours. All ordinary tasks will be sorted within 3 working days. We will give you an estimated time on larger tasks that can not be performed within 3 days.

Building and facility can help you with all the day to day issues concerning the school.
· Inventory and building - for instance repair, change and maintenance.
· Cleaning - classrooms, offices and toilette's
· Alarm and access - for instance access rights, access times and security.
· Physical working environment - heating, ventilation and noise (irregularities).
· Fruit scheme, milk, coffee/the and stationery (service and irregularities)
· Setup of inventory – for instance in classrooms, auditoriums when exams, special occasions and entrance examination.

If urgent you can always come by our office or call the caretakers.